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Play and ride in the heart of the River Valley!

Skiing, snowboarding, natural luge and other activities that take place at ski areas involve the risk of injury. Please be aware of the risks, dangers, and hazards that you may encounter at a ski area to help you to stay safe while enjoying these activities. While we want you to have the most fun possible at the ESC, obeying the rules , staying alert, and preparing for potential hazards will make the day awesome for everyone!


It's Summer Programs 2024 time here at the Edmonton Ski Club! In just a couple of weeks we welcome our Happy Hikers and Bike Camp guests to ESC for some healthy outdoor recreation, expansive learning opportunities and interactive experiences that they soon won't forget. These activities are specifically designed for children ages 5 to 12 and provide a safe and fun environment while they explore our expansive river valley system and learn about our community and our City.


Sounds interesting? We still have some limited space for additional registrants to join in for a week of activities and exploration. Click on Summer Programs to get started! See you soon!!

Edmonton's iconic river valley ski & snowboard destination since 1911

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