Trail Map & Terrain

Edmonton Ski Club has five runs on its site with varying degrees of difficulty.

Bunny Hill is the beginners area and will be serviced by a NEW carpet lift. This area is marked as a green circle area, is regularly groomed, and has a small pitch which enables beginners in skiing or snowboarding to learn how to get started along with the different techniques required to move on to a more difficult terrain.


The Tube Park is located on the North side of the carpet lift.

Tin Can will be servicing additional introductory terrain, uphill touring activities, and is home to the Flying Canoe Races in February. This lift will be open Monday-Friday evenings at 5:00 pm and Saturdays, Sundays, & Holidays.

Twin Birch is our steepest pitched run and is classed as a Black Diamond. This area is for skiers and boarders that are at a more advanced level and is serviced by a poma lift. The bottom features the snow school meeting area.

This lift features moguls and steeper race training opportunities. This lift will open Monday-Friday evenings at 5:00 pm and Saturdays, Sundays, & Holidays.

T-Bar is our longest run and has varying pitches including intermediate and more advanced areas. Often groomed at the lift line as the area is used on a regular basis by Race Teams as a training area. This lift features gentle pitches off to the right of the lift line for skiers and boarders that are moving on to more difficult terrain with instructors along with rollers and a variety of terrain.

Lucky's is our shortest run and will feature the Terrain Park accessible from the T-Bar. This area will have a variety of progression jumps, rails, bars, and tubes designed for skiers and boarders who want to learn the basics in freestyle terrain. All jumps, rails, bars, and tubes are marked with the degree of difficulty, it is important for all boarders and skiers using this area to familiarize themselves with the Terrain Park Rules. It is mandatory to wear a helmet when riding in this area.

*Boarders and Skiers using the Edmonton Ski Club ski area are not permitted to alter, build, or introduce any new jumps, rails, bars, or tubes without seeking permission from the Edmonton Ski Club GM. Anyone found to be doing so will be removed from site and privileges revoked.