Newcomer to Canada

As a newcomer to Canada I was curious about skiing, but going to an expensive resort simply to ‘try it out’ was just not an option. Then I heard about the Servus Ski Free Friday’s at the Edmonton Ski Club and was told that there would even be instructors to help beginners like myself.

My experience at the Club was, quite honestly, life-changing. The staff were extremely friendly and welcoming, and the instructor who looked after me was excellent. He understood my trepidation and showed me exactly how to ski. I now enjoy skiing and look for opportunities to get out and keep developing my skills. This has made a huge difference to my attitude towards winter, my outdoor lifestyle and consequently my general state of mental and physical agility. For all this I have the Edmonton Ski Club to thank.


Learning to Love Snowsports

Thanks to Edmonton Ski Club and Winter Strategy Program, my 3 boys, Isaac, Jonah and Thor, were able to try skiing and snowboarding, and it’s their new favorite winter activity now!

They first took part at the ESC Christmas Camp and were able to enjoy the slopes a few extra times in January and February. My boys thoroughly enjoyed their skiing and snowboarding experiences at Edmonton Ski Club, and couldn’t wait to return each time!

They didn’t want to leave the hill, had a great time with their coaches and are completely excited for more opportunities there!

Thank you very much!


iHuman Youth Society

The New Edmonton Ski Club’s Winter City Strategy team up with iHuman Youth Society to help deliver iHuman’s Friday Night Challenge (FNC). FNC is a sobriety based program available to youth who want to stay sober at a time that is highly triggering for them.

The Winter City Strategy was a very good fit for FNC as it not only helped our youth fulfill that goal, but helped youth physically, and gave them a sense of mastery over the time they were there learning a new skill as well.

We thank the New Edmonton Ski Club for their willingness to take our youth on and provide them with a skill set they can use for the rest of their lives!

Thank You!

I am writing to share with you my happening during the last 2 weeks while learning to ski at the Edmonton Ski Club under the City’s Winter City Strategy.

My skiing experience was limited to the thing called “pizza” position. Sophia, a great ski instructor, took me, the challenge, and decisively made me younger with some 20 years. Up and down the slope, hands forward, bending knees left right, and my turns turned to parallel. I learned to chase Sophia down the mountain turning almost like a real professional skier.

I enjoyed not only the lessons; besides having a great time with Sophia, I had the chance to meet a young and devoted team of professionals doing their best to make the ski experience a true fun and amusement.

Another important aspect was the fact that the lessons were free, the reason that I contacted Nora. Being a newcomer to Canada is NOT an easy task however this opportunity was a pleasant one.

Thank you Nora and the Edmonton Ski Club for the great adventure,