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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

The Edmonton Ski Club first opened it's doors in 1911. Since then, the non-profit organization has been offering winter recreation opportunities in the river valley.

Located in Gallagher Park the area has been host to a number of exciting events and activities throughout the many years that the ski hill has been in operation. Everything from coal mining, to brick factories, to floods, to ski jumps built over Conners Road. Throughout the almost 110 year history, these events and activities have created plenty of unique and exciting stories.

The 2019-20 Season

The ski hill continues to be part of the community for skiing and riding with the goal of being the most affordable and accessable year-round outdoor recreation option for the Edmonton community.

We have managed to continue to create a number of new stories in the past winter season and would love to hear some of yours.

Share your story...

Contact us at to share your story from the history of the area. Your story could be featured in a future month post here on our website!

Looking Forward

The hill has a long history in the river valley and we plan on extending that for years into the future!

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