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Ski Skill Levels

ESC  is introducing a skill level system for its lessons and programs this 2023-24 winter season.



Green classes will teach skiing fundamentals to participants with little to no skiing experience.

Students will learn the absolute basics of how to ski and will have time to practice these skills. Next, they will become comfortable with getting up on skis and riding shallow slopes. By the end of the class, students will be learning how to turn and stop without assistance and gain confidence to graduate to bigger terrain and lifts. Enroll today to start your ski adventure!



Blue classes are for skiers who can connect turns and stop without assistance. Skiers interested in taking this level must also be learning how to turn to a stop on steeper terrain without assistance.

Students will begin with a review on the Green slopes and progress to our Blues. Participants will become familiar with the handle tow and T-bar lift.  They will then learn to control speed with skidded turns and vary turn shapes using a narrower wedge or parallel skis. Towards the end of this program, students can handle all green terrain and feel comfortable on the Blues, have little wedges and can ski parallel all the time. Enroll today to hone your skills! 


Get yourself mountain ready and build confidence tackling steeper and uneven terrain. Learn tactics to troubleshoot different snow conditions and continue to refine your skills.

Students will ski parallel all the time on any groomed run while learning to sideskid and turn quickly. They will also explore natural snow. Over time, they will ski parallel on any slope, enjoy natural snow, and keep control. By the end of the course, students have learned to carve and ski steeps (angled at 30-40 degrees!) and manage varied terrain.  Enrol today to become a master of the hills!

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