Historic Edmonton Ski Club Receives Major Funding Boost

Press Release:

March 7, 2018

Edmonton, Alberta – Edmonton Ski Club has received $1.1-million in funding commitments from the Government of Alberta and City of Edmonton allowing it to continue operating and pay for much needed upgrades at the historic 107-year-old ski hill.

“The Edmonton Ski Club has been a pillar of our community for over a century, so I’m proud that the City and our government were able to come together to secure the future of the Club. I hope it will continue to be a place where Edmontonians of all ages can get some fresh air and enjoy our amazing river valley,” Alberta Cabinet Minister Marlin Schmidt said at a press conference announcing the funding on Wednesday morning. Schmidt is also the MLA for Edmonton-Gold Bar.

The multi-year funding will help the unique urban ski facility move back to full-time operations next season and make much-needed capital investments for the first time in several decades. The plan is to add a Magic Carpet to assist younger skis and those new to skiing access the hill. The T-Bar will be refurbished to allow quicker access to the more challenging terrain at the ski club.

Currently, the club is operating on limited hours until the season ends on March 31. Only the smaller hill is open to users. Lift passes are $10 per day.

The Edmonton Ski Club has been operating in Edmonton’s downtown river valley since 1911. Founded by a group of Norwegian immigrants, it has been a hub for ski instruction and athlete training ever since and is one of the oldest continuously-operating ski clubs in Canada.

Located minutes from downtown Edmonton, the facility offers prime views of the city’s skyline, river valley and neighbouring Muttart Conservatory.

In recent years, the Edmonton Ski Club, which is governed by a volunteer board, has
experienced financial troubles.

“These generous government grants will help get our beloved Club back on track and make some much-needed upgrades to our facility so that people of all ages can continue to use it,” said Monty Worobec, the Edmonton Ski Club’s volunteer president. “This has always been the Little Hill That Could.”

Worobec wants the Edmonton Ski Club to expand its offerings, including adding fat bike rentals and artificial curling rinks to draw more people to the facility. During a normal ski season, about 750-1,000 people use the ski hill every week.

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Jenny Adams


Q) How much grant funding has the the Edmonton Ski Club received from the
Government of Alberta and City of Edmonton per year?
A)Government of Alberta
$300,000 – 2017/18
$150,000 – 2018/19
$150,000 – 2019/20
Total: $600,000

City of Edmonton
$217,000 – 2018
$242,000 – 2018/2019
Total: $459,000
Grand total: $1,059,000

Q) When was the Edmonton Ski Club established?
A) The club was founded by a group of Norwegian immigrants in 1911. In 1934, it was incorporated as a not-for-profit to provide downhill ski facilities to the general public and racing groups. Over the years, several professional athletes and future Olympians used the hill, including Jennifer Heil.

Q) Who runs the Edmonton Ski Club?
A) The facility is governed by a volunteer board.

Q) Does the Edmonton Ski Club own the land its operates on?
A: No. The Club occupies leased land from the City of Edmonton and is located between two other parcels of land owned by the City: Gallagher Park to the east and the Muttart Conservatory to the west

Q) Will construction on the Valley Line LRT affect Edmonton Ski Club operations?
A) There have been minor disruptions to small portions of the facility, but it doesn’t have to shut down during construction. When the Valley Line LRT line opens, the Edmonton Ski Club will be the only ski facilities in North America accessible via light rail transit.